Recent update compounded my problems please help

The recent update to Tablo has caused more problems. Before, we had the standard rebooting while fast forward/ rewind problems and cyclical problems with Roku not able to find my Tablo (cyclical meaning every 3-5 days). Now the whole thing only works sparingly. The major problems are crashing in the middle of watching TV/ recording AND long periods of crashing Roku when just trying to open the Tablo Channel. I used to be able to reboot my wireless router and then the tablo box in sequence to restore everything, and had to do so every 3-5 days. Now rebooting everything does nothing. I can’t even get the guide data to load when I try using the Tablo app on my PC. I am starting to wonder if it could be my hard drive. I’ve read that some models can randomly disconnect from their host. Although, that would not explain why I’m having so much more trouble now after the update. I am using a Toshiba portable HD 2TB (v73600-H). Also, I have a 4-tuner Tablo and using Roku3’s. Any help is appreciated

@smann - That does sound quite odd. Our team would like to take a closer look at your Tablo so can you please place a ticket?

Thank you, I just placed a ticket.