Recent Recordings Not Showing On Roku

I set our Tablo to record the two UFL games on FOX (10.2 in Arizona) on 3/30/2024, but when I wanted to watch them they didn’t show up as recordings. I thought they didn’t record for one reason or another, until I happened to look using the Browser version of the Tablo app and there they are. The Roku app is connected since it updated the listings and I was able to turn the unit LED on and off. I noticed this was an issue ten years ago and now it’s back.
Please fix this.
NOTE: It’s only occurring on the Roku connected to the main TV. The others including our Roku TV are showing the recordings.

If you are using a legacy, roku device, and recording sports, especially football, welcome to the real world and possible a 4-5 year old problem.

On Roku the detail football item may or may not indicate a number of recordings. Sometimes it’s blank and sometimes it’s zero. For me no recordings are displayed untill at least one recording has completed. All the other apps will display the actual individual recordings. They problem seems to come and go. As long as there is one recording still under the main sport everything is fine.

I recorded two seasons of NFL games prior with no issue. This one just started randomly and was resolved by deleting the app and reinstalling it, which is a PITA.

As I said some times it works some times it doesn’t. I’ve seen the episode count/game game count across all apps at 10 when there is only one and it works. I tend to clean all the NFL games off my DVR during the week, so I see it a lot during the season.

maybe it’s not you problem.