Recent Recordings List View

One thing I like about the Roku 3 app implementation is you can see a list view of each show, sorted by the most recent recordings to the oldest. This is most like the older style DVR’s my Tablo replaced, and I really like it.

On the Android, iPhone, and web apps this view is missing. It is done by show title and all you see is the title and the graphic. You have to drill into each one of them to view the shows. While this is a fine view for some, I’d prefer a list of mostly text to scroll up and down with most recent first.

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Agreed. I love this view. I watch Tablo mostly on my Fire TV, but I’ve been known to actually go to my Roku device just to see this view. Useful for scheduled and recordings.

Maybe it was a recent update, but I can view recent recordings on my iPhone.

Edit: my bad, I read your post more closely, you’re looking for a list view, which is not truely what the app does.

I think part of the issue is how many different boxes Tablo has to try to support.

That’s not to dismiss the request, its valid, and I too want it specifically on the Iphone/ Ipad & Chrome apps.

Unfortunately they dont have the resources to continually update every UI at the same time.

The Roku interface for a LONG time was the least functional & very clunky. They turned their attention to catching it up to the others, but while the resources were dedicated, they added new features.

Now they have to circle off to another interface, likely it will get that feature as well as other new ones that us Roku guys will envy.

And round and round it goes.

But again, I agree 100%, I want this for my other avenues to access Tablo (and even more so, I REALLY want that “keep X# of episodes” feature as the next to be introduced in this round robin process).