Received message on blue screen -DCP unauthorized. Content disabled

Just received my Talbo last night. Set it up and tested fine this AM. Set up my recordings and tested live perfect. Now this evening nothing on the screen except message for both live abd recordings. HELP anyone !!!

Assuming you’re using a Roku…

Sounds like there’s a problem with your HDMI cable going from your Roku to your TV.
Check out this article:

Yea I get this and the recommended fix is just to pull the power cord on your ROKU or try another hdmi cable.

Thanks that was it!!

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Without having to reboot, a quick fix for this is to go to Roku Settings and changed it to 720p, then immediately you can go back and set it to 1080p and most of the time it works.

I only had this problem when I went into an HDMI splitter as well. Haven’t seen this since the Roku has been going directly into the TV

Mine is directly plugged in and I get this once every other month or so.

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i also get this unarthorized mess when the signal is routed through a hdmi switcher. hdmi cable is perfectly intact. a direct connection without a switcher is the most reliable, but still is not 100% reliable.

That’s a thought. It is an older Vizio I never checked if there was one.

I get this every once in awhile on my older TV. I just turn the TV off and then back on & it clears up the problem.