Recast User Switching to Tablo

Totally agree that long term it needs to be addressed and should really work like the OG Tablo app does, just seems less critical if it’s a display issue vs an actual recording issue.

By simply following a specific show that you know is taking a break for the NCAA tournament and will resume in a couple of weeks, exactly what @classicrockguy is doing.

That’s great. I don’t have that many scheduled recordings but I do have 17 out of 39 that don’t have any episodes in the 2 week schedule. Should I be monitoring all 17?

That’s your personal decision. Anyone with a 4th gen Tablo should be able to answer that very question soon if they haven’t already.

I’ve owned a gen 4 since last October - “coming soon” is getting rather old.

I started a separate discussion about this series recording issue, and the Tablo folks responded that this has now been fixed. According to what was posted by them, it wont correct previous entries until they come back around in the 2 week schedule. Once they come back, they will then be “persistent” regardless until you change the series recording settings. Alternatively, any new series recordings scheduled will be “persistent” from the get go.

Just to update this thread with my latest experience switching from Recast to Tablo 4th gen …

My wife and I have pretty much switched completely to the Tablo for daily use. I still have the Recast operational and doing duplicate recordings, but we are not using it at all at this point. Ironically, I still get the occasional “Recast offline blah blah blah …” message from the FireTV ecosystem, which I usually ignore. A couple of times over the last few weeks I have had to restart the Recast, since it did not come back from “Offline” in those situations. However, we are all but 100% using the Tablo now.

I don’t really have much to add from my previous comparison comments in this thread. We still like the Tablo better than the (discontinued) Recast. But we also still have occasional issues with it, I think all of which are common issues documented throughout this forum. No deal breakers overall, as the thing has been pretty reliable. Just little annoyances. I tend to watch more live OTA stuff, like the recent March Madness broadcasts on CBS. Zero issues. My wife is a heavy “record and watch later” user, and she has not yet missed anything due to a Tablo fault (believe me, I would be notified instantly).

I did learn one thing that has reduced some of the “Decode error” messages on startup. I was using the “Home” button on the FireTV remote to exit the Tablo app. It seems exiting any FireTV app in this manner leaves the app sort of running or active somehow in the background. It’s not just the Tablo app, other apps like HBO MAX also somehow stay active when exited in this way. With the Tablo, this seems to cause issues the next time I go back into it. Especially the “Decode …” errors. A much “cleaner” way to exit the Tablo app seems to be to use the “Back Arrow” button on the FireTV remote to exit the app. After a few presses you end up with a Tablo message asking if you want to leave the app. I select “Yes” and it seems to leave the app more completely. The next time I go back to the Tablo app, it seems to start from scratch with the fancy Tablo splash screen and loading progress bar. Accessing it this way seems to result in less startup errors and a “cleaner” load.

At this point, I plan to leave the Recast in the network doing its thing (as sort of a backup), but I don’t see going back to it as our primary OTA TV device unless something major changes. I look forward to continued improvements in the Tablo product, as I think it is the best path (at least for now) to this type of functionality. Keep chasing the bugs and improvements Tablo!


I appreciate the update. I know you’ve had a lot of struggle with your 4th gen puck and after 5 months, I’m sure it will continue.

The “clean exit” is something that we discussed so long ago I never thought of bringing it back up. Sorry that you had to figure this out on your own! Previous versions of the android/fire app would go nuts in that odd hibernate mode when you hit “home” instead. It’s not so bad now, but every now and then I get that reconnecting screen and a quick tap of the Back button gets it to load right up. (This might be different for others since my TVs are on a power switch and get shut off after every use.)

I know it took a while to get where you’re at with the Tablo and I’m glad to see you sticking around. I don’t think there will ever be “one DVR to rule them all” but for 90% of my use, the Tablo fits my needs.

Again, thanks for the update and sharing your experience. I hope new users find this thread and are able to see how their struggles might mimic your own.

I too have a Recast, along with a 4th gen and earlier gens Tablo (also have a HDHomeRun, but that is a different story). Like you I am letting it run until it no longer works, but I don’t really connect to it very often.

I have found that connected to the same antenna the Recast will behave better with signal that has an occasional issue. The Recast will have a blip and continue while the Tablo will freeze and sometimes kick out and reboot.

No way would I give up on the Recast which also does not stop working when servers go down like the Tablo does because it is somehow tied at the hip to Tablo servers.

So please reconsider giving up on your Recasts when it has a number of key advantages.

I have struggled with Recast issues since I got the device a few years ago. While I was able to get it to work most of the time, it has always been a fight. I was never able to get Amazon tech support to respond to any inquiries, and they never really resolved the series recording issues and other limitations. The icing on the cake was the sudden discontinuation of the entire product!

I have been in the market for a suitable replacement ever since. Does my recast still work? Yes. Does it still have issues? Why yes it does. Could Amazon pull the plug any day. I have no doubt. Can I replace it if it dies? Maybe eBay, maybe not.

Frankly, I would rather start investing time and effort into something that has promise for the future, while my Recast is at least still working today. At this point, I’m thinking the Tablo might be it. It looks good to me so far, even if it’s not perfect. At least the company is actively working to improve it.

To your point on the Recast being more stable (tolerant of signal issues), I am seeing less evidence of this as the Tablo software has improved over time. My Recast routinely drops offline. Sometimes it comes back on its own, and sometimes I have to pull the power and cold restart. My Tablo certainly isn’t any worse in this regard.

To your point on the tie to servers, I hate this approach also. However, if my internet is down my FireTV sticks are DOA. So, neither OTA TV device is useful if this happens. My solution to that is simple. All 4 of my TVs are coax-wired for good old fashioned OTA TV with nothing more than the roof antenna!

I get that the Tablo still needs work, and some have more struggles than others. I’m just tired of dealing with the discontinued Recast, so I’m willing to put my eggs in a new basket. So far, things are working OK and slowly improving. We shall see what happens. Others have to decide for themselves what to do.

I ditched my Recast as well. I MUCH prefer the 4th gen Tablo. I had similar issues with the Recast and I find the Tablo tuners to be more sensitive than the Recast tuners. I’m limited to an indoor antenna and it has made all the difference for me. Yes, there are a few issues still with Tablo, but at least they are actively working on them and paying attention to our feedback. Each new update is better than the previous.

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