Rebooting of Tablo Fix

Hi, I have owned the Tablo for three days and have had crashes and reboots every few minutes. After looking at some possible fixes this is what I have found that solved the issue. First I have a Unifi UDM SE router that the Tablo is hardwired to with a fixed IP address. The configuration App is on a iPhone SE. I have a Channel Master 80 mile antenna in the attic with 50’ of Channel Master RG6 cable. My TV app is on a Firestick 4K Max hardwired and a fixed IP address. It is plugged in to a 2023 Frame TV.
I noticed on the configuration that the amplification was on by default and that the Live channel guide seemed glitchy. I installed the Tablo app on my Firestick and it began to reboot constantly after about 15 minutes of use and the configuration app was still not right. I read where the TV apps will not work right if the configuration app is not perfect. So I uninstalled the app on the Firestick. Remember that some info is still on the Firestick after uninstallation. I rebooted the Firestick. I reset the Tablo and logged back in with the config app. I turned off amplification. The Tablo was extremely hot. Amplified I got 98 channels and the same number with it off. I rescanned and saved the new list. The list saved right away with out a delay. I re-installed the Firestick app and cleared its cache in the firestick. I loaded the Tablo app and checked that it recognized the config app had turned off amplification, it had. The Tablo had noticeably cooled down. I updated the channel guide. If you don’t update it will use old data on the firestick and load an old channel list. You could delete the Tablo data prior to using the app when you clear the cache in the Firestick it also lets you delete data. I didn’t do that I just updated the list in the Tablo app on the Firestick.
It now works perfectly and has been running for hours. I believe I was over amplifying the antenna and it messed up the apps channel guide. Plus the heat of the amplifier may have caused a hardware issue and that affected the channels. Just know that if the configuration app is not perfect then you will get issues with the device apps.