Reboot Option Needed!

Lately, I have been getting messages of “Tuner error. This is most likely caused by poor reception” and the only way to fix it is to reboot the unit (which shows it is NOT a reception problem). This sucks for me as my tablo is in the basement so I have to trot down there to reboot. It’s even worse if I’m trying to pull up a show on my phone while out of the house. Why can’t the firmware include a reboot option?

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Here’s why. And a possible quick fix. Just had to do a search. Software Reset - #5 by ShadowsPapa

You mean all of those 10’s of thousands of Windows and Linux servers shouldn’t have a reboot/shutdown command. And that some human with the proper credentials to access the main computer room needs to trudge out into the server farm to locate the correct blade server and the location of reset button on that specific system?

Yet after all of these years these systems still include the ability to remotely reboot.