Reasons to record with no guide

It looks to me the tablo cannot browse by time blocks, schedule blindly by time period. Like other dvr and old VHS.

This will increase guide sales. But then, really could not take it on expeditions like vacation cabin or rv. That lack internet. Also cannot put the cable internet on a summer 4 month hiatus to save $400.

Yes, it can, and you don’t need a subscription.


Thanks. As the Roku is my only practical interface, I would have missed this.

Hopefully, they will include this, plus the guide search, for the Roku. Both are missing.

Fortunely, there is an alphabet on the far right side on the guide. Unfortunately, the alphabet runs off the TV screen on old type TV. I can still use if I blindly count through the alphabet.

Minor stuff, considering all the stuff they did right.

Font control for my roku and old small TV, would be nice. But their chosen font size isn’t so tiny as to be unusable. The arrogant programmers at plex, chose a font so tiny, I can’t use Plex at all on my bedroom TV. And downstairs, it is so small that it is a pain and dread to use Plex. As we all must walk over to the 28inch crt TV to change a channel, like the days before remote control… Every suggestion, is responded by a fan boy defense and attack, over on the plex forum. I am guessing most plex users are Linux users, which is the culture of most Linux distos. Ubuntu 9, 2009, had a surprisingly wonderful, helpful forum, which is why they exploded with success that year.