Really Sucks that the are forcing you to the new box

My Quad box is giving me problems, I went back to my dual one and ordered the quad with 1 tb drive and now am being told they miss counted inventory and have no more. Cancelled my order…2 tuners is not enough and I hate HDHR layout. Tivo is only 2 tuners too. I mean if your still working on a new quad box at least still stock older boxes. A very frustrated customer.

I agree I looked around and the older boxes are getting real hard to find. I think this new company that took over Tablo is slowly going to force everyone to the new box. I had the new box for 2 days and took it back because it has too many bugs left to work out. I might try it again when it is up and running like it should. In the meantime I will keep my Tablo Dual Lite. It is just the wife and I so all I really need is 2 tuners. Tablos website does not even have the older Tablos for sale.

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I agree the new tablo is not ready for prime time and the old tablo will not work with iOS 17. I’ve reported it when iOS 17 came out and then again last week. With the old owners it never took this long to fix a bug. I know it iOS 17 on Apple TV be because I updated all of my Apple TV except one and it running the old Apple iOS and it work fine. On 17 it freezes up. Very disappointed that it’s taking this long to fix.

I just called support and ask about a update to the Legacy tablo app for Apple TV iOS and was told that it wasn’t a priority right now because they are trying to work out the bugs for the new white tablo. I think it a crying shame that it been over a month and I still can’t use my tablo but only one of my Apple TV out of four because I like to keep my iMac iPad iPhone up to date. The only one I can watch is the one I didn’t update. And as far as the new white tablo they are putting all their resources into doesn’t work with Apple TV at all. I can’t believe they don’t care about Legacy customers.

They did say when the new app comes out it would work but until then those of us that update the Apple TV are just Sh*t out of luck. Awesome customer support .

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