Real channel numbers!

I know this has been brought up before and I’ve even mentioned this in the past, but it would be very handy to know the actual channel we are adding to the guide. I’ve been having problems getting KIRO 7 out of Seattle since the repack and I’m not sure which channel my antenna is pointed at. At times I can get 3 different channel 7. One of them is a repeater that is almost 180 degrees from Seattle but only 5 miles away. I’m even having a hard time figuring out what the real channel numbers are now! Tvfool, wiki, fcc, somebody needs to make this easier! Just hide the actual channel numbers in the settings somewhere please.

That’s definitely on the to-do list along with some other improvements to the channel scan/lineup stuff.

In the meantime, support may be able to give you a hand.

This really would be helpful. I can currently see two different broadcast sites, and they both use the same publicly identified channel names; the only way to know which I’m choosing to be out in my guide is to know that actual digital channel numbers.

KIRO is on channels 23, 28, & 18. lists everything you need to know about TV stations in the United States.

Often the “antenna” sites just look up the information you can find on

My problem at the time was that I wasn’t getting all three, so I didn’t know which ones I was receiving. Is it 23 and 18, 28 and 18 or 23 and 28? It would help with antenna setup if you know what you are what tower you are receiving constantly.

Go to, enter in your address, and see what channels you are seeing. It tells you what direction your antenna needs to be pointed to receive what channels.

Have you noticed the dates of their “latest” news?

23 is 12 miles away at 100.3°. 18 is 32 miles at 109.9°. Which one am I receiving? Or is it the low powered translator that’s 5 miles away, over the hill and at 280°?🤷

Maybe you receive both. Doesn’t the tablo scan remove duplicates with lower signal quality. It does for me.

And if so what does it matter which real channel number it selected as long as it’s the one with the strongest signal.

That’s true if any of them were working well. When I started this topic a year ago, it was just after the repack. When I would do a scan, I would not get all three choices, and some times get none. Adjusting antenna, changing antenna do no good if you don’t know (in my case channel 7) what you are chasing. After emailing the station engineer and more trial and error, I have it pretty reliable. Antenna aiming is always a compromise. You will never get all the transmitters from the same direction. It would be helpful to some people to know the actual channel you are receiving on your Tablo when you are setting it up.

Take a look at In the Listing tab, is Market Listings. You name the information about a TV station, it’ll be there. Also, in the Tools tab, is Signal Search Map. It’s pretty much the same thing as TVFool.

I agree. We all know how to use :+1: