Re-sync a live broadcast? Is NBC the issue?

How do you fix the live playback, when lip sync is out of sync? I’ve tried restarting Tablo, but it didn’t help. This occurred again this morning while trying to watch NBC. Searching the knowledge base here, I saw that others had issues with NBC a few years ago. Is this an old problem? Any help is appreciated.


Are you using internal storage or an external storage?

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Is your audio coming from TV speaker or from Tablo to TV to an Audio system ?

I have had that issue in the past with the latter scenario, but my audio processor has the ability to make adjustments for that.


It sounds like you’re trying to watch this live.

Is this the only station that’s having this issue? Is playback any different on recordings from this station?

@KimchiGUN has a very good question, which may help us sort out what’s going on, and going off of that, what device are you using to watch your Tablo?

ITMT, test other stations and try recording to see how things work differently.

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External storage. TV speakers. So far I’ve only noticed NBC to having this problem. No issues seen watching recordings.

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The lipsync problem is happening on various channels, not just NBC.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?

Is this on the list of @TabloSupport and/or @TabloEngineering problems to fix?

Could you tell us a little more about your setup?

There has been an issue with some drives having this problem. What type (and how old) of HDD/SSD are you using – is it only being powered by your Tablo’s USB port?


  • What type of network are you on (ethernet, wifi 2.4g/5g)
  • What device are you using to watch your Tablo (firestick, Roku, etc)
  • Is this happening on FAST stations as well as OTA?

You said you restarted your Tablo, but have you tried restarting your streaming device?

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Ethernet connection, 2.4 G, Roku, so far only noticed on OTA. Streaming channels ok. Seagate solid state drive

The Roku is restarted each day because it’s plugged into the back of the TV set.

Is your Roku new enough that you’re able to use the 5ghz band?

Could you list the model number of the Roku, it might give other Tablo users an idea of how theirs compares, and hopefully help discover if this is a one-off or a general problem with that model.

You have to take into consideration… this is a two-way stream with the OTA live and play back.

The data is being sent across 1 wireless router between 2 devices. It’s a straight client to client transfer. Like windows transferring a file across the network. The more speed you have, the better the transfer rate.

Also at the same time, the cheaper / older the wireless router = less horsepower.

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Hardwired Ethernet connection only carries 2.6gz. It is an older Roku. I have a newer one on another TV in the garage that I’ve been considering switching out. I’m sure other people have had this problem so is Tablo working on it or does anyone know??

My Netgear router is only a couple years old.