Re-scanning stations requires manually flushing cache / data?

I’ve re-scanned my stations a few times because I’ve moved the antenna.  It appears that each channel scan has unique instance ID’s associated with the channels.  After a re-scan, trying to watch on a device it it indicates invalid channel ID.  The only way I’ve been able to get around this is by flushing the cache, which then starts the ridiculous SYNC and Channel Guide (~ 5 minutes at minimum over my 80MB Internet service).

Why isn’t this associating the guides with a more fixed identifier, such as the call sign or something?

I’m guessing, haven’t confirmed, but if I re-scan does my recorded video go bad also because it has no valid ID for station XYZ since it was replaced with a new instance?

I shouldn’t make assumptions, but you know what I’m seeing looks like some pretty terrible software design.

I take that back 10 minutes at least to resync and get the channel guide.  Why is this SO SLOW???