Re-Scan lost PBS in HD


Since the channel Re-scan a couple of weeks ago I lost both PBS stations in the Boston market in HD. I still have the SD channels, but no guide data for them, so any scheduled recordings are being missed. Please contact your guide data provider to update this please.

Thank you,

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I believe WGBH increased their power sometime over the weekend. Check it again - I’m also in the Boston market and couldn’t get 2.1 for a while. As of yesterday (Sunday) I’m able to get it again reliably (25 or 30 miles from their tower).

Also, when I first got my Tablo a few weeks ago, channel 15 (NBC Boston - WYCN at the time) didn’t have guide data for me. I used Tablo’s ticket system to report that issue and within 3 or 4 days it was fixed.

You may want to try that also.

One last thing - for the repack, WGBH moved to actual channel 5 (still virtual channel 2), which is a Low VHF frequency. Those are notoriously difficult to pick up without a good VHF antenna.

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Thanks, I’ll try a re-scan again tonight. I have a good antenna, but am about 35 miles away. I hope it gets better after the scan.

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Came here for the same reason. Am about 35 miles north of Boston and WGBH HD disappeared. This is Monday night and still isn’t showing up

Not only do you need an antenna that’s good at picking up lo-vhf but vhf signals are more prone to signal interference and less likely to penetrate structures.

Early Tuesday morning here and I’m still seeing WGBH. I’m about 27 miles from their tower.

It must be your antenna, it’s location and/or orientation.

I don’t know about that. We have the channel one day and the next day after rescan we don’t. Not sure that is a hardware issue on our side. Something changed for folks not in metro Boston

Just checked again - 11:10am EST. Strong signal here.

If I’m able to receive the channel, then others should be able to as well.

Again, It must be your antenna, it’s location, orientation, signal loss on your cable from the antenna or your antenna does not pick up Channel 5 (Low VHF) very well.

Sorry meant PBS HD like the other commenter noted. I get PBS SD but HD disappeared.

And all of my comments here are about WGBH HD 2.1

Welcome to the early 1950’s and the frustrations of receiving lo-vhf.


This is the latest update from WGBH-Boston. 2/4/2020

Dear Viewer,

I’m writing you with an update about WGBH’s broadcasting frequency project. WGBH is still hard at work, and we are moving forward with a frequency upgrade ?of the “over-the-air” signal from 6.9kW to 34.5kW as promised.

I received word today that a critical part in the production process has been delayed. The ?necessary hardware is expected to arrive within 3-4 weeks, pushing our estimated completion date to mid-March.

I know that the wait for improved reception quality has been a long one and I’m sure that many share my feelings of disappointment. Still, we deeply appreciate your efforts to help make this possible. You took time out of your day to contribute to a successful petition for improved signal to the FCC - and won!

Thank you for your support, patience, and generosity. I’ll continue to provide updates as soon as I learn anything new. In the meantime, please feel free to touch base with the Audience & Member Services team or (617) 300 3300 with questions ?you may have.

Best Regards,

Zack Finn

Associate Director of Development - Audience and Member Services

1 Guest St. Boston MA 02135