Re-Pairing Device + Tablo Proposal

Since repairing a device with a Tablo when a user is away from home is difficult, and logins (user\password) may not provide the device locality needed for out of state transmission, perhaps a different approach may work.

Suppose that a user is required firstly and only once to pair a device with a Tablo at home. The Tablo then sends any pairing info to its web Nuvyyo server for storage. Perhaps using the credentials of the device (eg. serial number) and user account.

Subsequently if a user needs to repair the device and Tablo from a remote site, the device sends a “repair me” to Nuvyyo’s site identifying itself which then effects a repairing with the Tablo at the user’s home. This way Nuvyyo acts as a middle man.

I’m sure there are difficulties and hindrances to performing such a repairing service. However this may be a solution since it doesn’t appear that out-of-state logins would be politically feasible with the FCC…

Any comments and observations would be welcome to critically analyze such an approach.

I probably have 40-50 different accounts for various things. I have a method for re-discovering the various logins and passwords. They are all stored in my house in an upstairs office. In the last 6 years I have probably logged into my tablo account 3 times.

If I lose my pairing and I’m in London do you think I’ll be able to re-pair my device? If it’s only based on the MAC address anybody could access my tablo even if I reset the device.

When your device/app client sends a discovery request via …isn’t this virtually providing the information you’re requesting? If it inadvertently changes “logging on” to a server to get the same information is a futile.

Others often mention security cameras - I understand these to operate a bit differently. Everything is stored on a 3rd party server. The camera is in contact with “the cloud” and all the interaction is actually between device - server - device as is the return.

I don’t understand my tablo constantly communicating with I know it does more than I feel it needs to, but not all day long.