Re-Index Hard Drive After Factory Reset

I just performed a factory reset and now when I plug my hard drive in the recordings are gone but the space on the hard drive is still in use, is there a way to re-index the hard drive for the recorded shows?

My understanding is that after a factory reset all recordings are lost, it is back to “factory state”.

If you leave the drive plugged into the Tablo overnight, it will clean up the drive and reclaim all that previously used space.

I’m not a Tablo employee and this is theoretical.

Anyone reading this don’t try this at home unless you already factory reset your Tablo and the database is already missing. I stole this method from here and I modified it slightly. I have no idea if it will work but the order is important. Your Tablo must be on the same firmware as it was before you factory reset it.

Step 1: Make sure the USB Drive is not plugged into your Tablo.

Step 2: Try factory resetting your Tablo again.

Step 3: Attach Ethernet and power (in that order) to your newly reset Tablo.

Step 4: After your Tablo’s LED is solid, attach your USB drive to your Tablo.

Step 5: After a few seconds your Tablo’s LED will begin pulsing.

At this point your Tablo MIGHT transfer the database. This can take several minutes.

Once your Tablo is finished it will reboot. The process is complete once the Tablo’s LED is solid.

PLEASE NOTE: If this doesn’t work make sure the drive doesn’t remain plugged into the Tablo overnight - when Tablo does its nightly maintenance, the drive may get formatted. The only next step I can recommend is trying a support ticket if this fails.

If this manages to work pleaselet us know.

Thank you all for your replies, after performing a factory reset I plugged in the hard drive over night not knowing it would erase the hard drive, no biggie, I was considering starting over anyways when the commercial skipping feature came out. Much appreciated…J

Plug the USB hard drive into a Windows PC and run Disk Manager to delete all partitions on the drive. Then let the Tablo reformat the drive for optimum access to usable disk space.

Be careful you select the proper drive when you delete the partitions.