RCA Yagi Antenna

Last year I moved a couple miles farther from the broadcast towers. Before I was on a ridge with clear line of site and was able to get by with one of those square antennas in the attic.

New house is in a fairly wooded area and on the other side of the ridge the old house is on. Square antennas didn’t cut it, even tried the Channel Master SMARTenna+. I then discovered there was an old pre-digital antenna in the attic and found the coaxial line from it. That worked OK, but some channels like NBC and PBS still had a lot of problems, particularly when the trees filled out.

So I just bought an RCA Yagi antenna. The house had an old DirectTV dish on it so I removed that and repurposed the mast and coaxial line from that to mount and connect the RCA. Did a scan and every channel now has a full 5 green circles.



Yes they are simple and very good.
(I purchased mine a my local Walmart)

Up until yesterday I used 2 of them with a splitter with amps with an LTE Filter pointing in different directions.

Used them inside on the top floor.

Had some pixelation on 2 channels so I replaced them with a single AT-400BV Antop Antenna, thanks to the forum recommendations.


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I like my Winegard 7694p. Nothing wrong with a good Yagi. Though I may try a slot wave antenna if I ever need to replace.

I could try one if my attic antenna started failing and I had to go outside. It’s the aesthetics of these boxes that are appealing when having to go outside.