Raspberry PI2 and Pi3 Krypton libreelec Tablo addon

Tablo addon working on my pc and my roku but on my raspberry pi2 and pi3 running Krypton with Librelec or openelec tablo addon wont connect to my tablo on my network… my tablo is fully updated to 2214… anyone with a solution or is there a work ticket issued to fix this … going back to kodi 16.1 is not a solution given that krypton 17 now allows load of https

Not sure what version I’m on, but I noticed after an upgrade that attempting to start the Tablo add-on from a remote interface doesn’t work anymore. Creating a shortcut on the home screen does though. That’s my work around.

Tablo add-on? How does this work… any instructions/screen grab to get an idea?
I have a spare Raspberry Pi 3 and Touch Screen… what would make a great kitchen TV while I’m cooking.

Love it, Interface is slick,


Thanks @ChrisWilkes, still trying to figure how to install Kodi on my device. :-/
I’ll figure it out one day.

Again, not sure what version I am on, but after the latest round of updates my Tablo app started working again from remote initiation.