Raspberry Pi, OpenELEC & XBMC

I recently got the Tablo hoping there would be no problem with recognizing it using my Raspberry Pi and XBMC. I’m running the 3.2 version of XBMC as OpenELEC. I have not been able to recognize Tablo using any of the OpenELEC apps. Is there anyone who has made the connection?

you can use the community plex developed channel

I didn’t know much about Plex, but I found out that it is much different from OpenELEC. I didn’t see anything out there for my situation. I appreciate the suggestion, but I’m looking for a connection with my OpenELEC or other derivation of XBMC.

There is a XBMC plugin for Plex stuff… I know that’s probably not helping… but who knows…

Thanks for the suggestion, cjcox. I thought I knew where to look, but I’ve scoured all of the add-ons in my version of OpenELEC and could not find one. Do I need to change to another XBMC version?

I was thinking about this, but obviously it’s not the right answer:


I found a “RasPlex” version of OpenElec. It was advertised to work on the Raspberry Pi (RPI) and allow connection to a TV. So, I downloaded and installed an operating version on another SD card. It runs, but I cannot see how to integrate the Tablo, my own movies, or anything else. Spent two hours and have gotten nowhere, yet.

I also understand that I need to have a Plex server set up, because the RPI and RasPlex is a client. I might be wrong about this. There is very little information and less on how to operate the RasPlex program. RasPlex can be found at rasplex.com

Hi edemco

Sorry about my short anwser before I was on vacation

So as you found plex as a pi version … so the next step would be to setup a plex server or use a nas that can run plex server and host plex “channels” from the plex channel repoistory you can find the tablotv channel

here is an article that was posted about setting one up


If you need any assistance or have questions please feel free to ask here or pm me

I’m going to give it a try, however, my original question had to do with OpenElec. This application seems to be a major departure from OpenElec. I know that I will have many more questions. Should we be in a RasPlex discussion … is there one, or do we need to make one?

I’ve got the Plex Server working. The RasPlex is a different story. I can’t connect to the Plex Server. I’ve changed the IP address to match the server; the socket is the standard 32400, but it will not connect. Are there any other tricks?

Odd my Rasplex just on its own found my PLEX server and there wasnt much I had to do … check if you have firewall software blocking access to your PLEX server if you run on windows or osx (mine was a linux plex server). … 

I don’t have firewalls and I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 which has been flawless connecting to the web and networking devices. There is a settings page for RasPlex where you can set the IP address. It was not the same as the one reported by ifconfig, so I changed it, but still had no affect. It seems to me that it is not going to the network.

I didn’t have to set anything in RasPlex on my Pi … it just auto discovered the PLEX server on my network… I will check it when I can and see if there is anything set in the options that might help.

on your PLEX server settings (accessible via any web browser) make sure you have GDM enabled

Enable GDM

GDM - is short for “good day mate” and its PLEX’s version of autodiscovery ala bonjour for apple devices.

GDM is silly. The GDM box is checked, so I still didn’t understand why it would not discover. Then, I saw the amber light on the RPI was not flashing … the network connection was loose. Reconnected and everything was discovered!

Now I need to figure out how to get to Tablo. There was an app. I loaded it, but I can’t get to it through the server, web, or RasPlex. On to the next difficulty. Thank you for the help so far. Do you have any suggestions?

I had trouble with the TABLO plex channel plugin myself and I had to remove it (manually I might add) then add the channel back again before it worked … you might want to check the thread specifically on the PLEX channel plugin for tips and I think the guy who wrote it is on the thread itself.  I would first just try to ensure your plex server is working with your Pi … make sure your local plex library has some content in it to be viewable on the RasPlex first… then if that works try adding a few officially supported PLEX channels from the plex channel manager and make sure that works… then try the TABLO channel plugin … it won’t help if your plex server isn’t working correctly to try to fight with the channel plugin.

you can also check out this thread on how to add/remove channels in plex …


the TABLO channel is an officially supported plex channel so it should be right there as an option without having to do anything wokny to install it… just pick it .

I didn’t get to read your message until after I had already surfed for an answer; check all of the settings again; and then decided to uninstall and then reinstall the Tablo app. Guess what! Just like you, mine came to life! It was great to have your confirmation!

Thank you for your support. It gave me encouragement to continue.

Now, let’s see what it can do …