Rare Windows Phone / Surface user

I realize I’m in the minority just based on market share of the devices I own (I also have ipads and android devices), but I was wondering if there is any hope of getting my Surface RT to connect to Tablo.  It’s running IE, and just continues to say connecting, and never does.  Obviously an app would be great.

Interestingly my windows phone Lumia 1520 running developer preview version of WP 8.1 works fine.  Wondering why the Surface won’t work…

Actually, I take it back about the phone.  It connects, and the schedule synchronizes, but nothing ever shows up. other than the menu bar across the top.  No artwork, or nothing to click on.  Oh well, didn’t expect either of them to work out of the box, but happy to report what these devices can do if it’s ever in the pipeline.

I am one of the weird people using a Windows Phone and Surface as well. I think this is something they are working on fixing, I hope so, it would be nice to be able to schedule and watch shows from my surface and phone.

@fredmarkle and @jbanks25 - IE compatability is on the to do list! 

Awesome!  I’m totally used to being an early adopter…  :)