Randomly just...stops

Okay, so I’ve had the Tablo for a couple months now. Everything is more or less fine except it just stops working. Like in the middle of watching a broadcast.

When this happens, we need to pull power and wait for it to restart. Usually 5-7 minutes or so goes by before we can start watching.

I’ve narrowed it down to just the Tablo and not the network.

Setup is wireless connection with Roku…


The first thing I would look at is whether the Tablo is overheating or not. That is one of the more likely causes for the Tablo to lock up. I have mine on its side for that reason. Some users also use a laptop cooling pad under their Tablo as well.

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@Ursan When this happens, can you access the Tablo from other devices, like the Tablo web app at http://my.tablotv.com/? Or is it inaccessible from all devices?

I’ve had Tablo since it came out and only in the last few weeks i’ve been having this problem. Watching a show, it just stops and goes to the screen where it says watch. Happens constantly. Nothing locking up–hitting watch again works fine (until it stops again).

Are you using a Roku? If so, this is a known Roku 7.1 firmware problem.

Had this yesterday while watching. Just stops. I was recording & watching multiple shows at the time. At one interruption I looked at the clock which showed XX:05 seemingly coincident with the end of recording another show.

Yes–Roku 3 and firmware is 7.1.0 build 4062-04

Known issue that who needs to fix, Tablo or Roku?


Its not just limited to the Tablo channel…

On at least one of my units, I am also having it happen on Syfy, (and according to the kids) PBS & Disney JR, others here have reported it for PBS and others on the Roku forum have reported it for other channels as well.

With that said, would still be really nice if Tablo could identify it and maybe release a work-around since they are quicker to address issues than it appears Roku is…

I also have it on a laptop cooling pad. It’s quite cool to the touch.

I can’t access it with anything. Roku, tablet or otherwise.

Roku. They broke Tablo and other Roku apps, they need to fix it.