Random Recording Playback

I like to keep some mindless sitcom shows on in the background when I’m working around the house. I would love the ability to just play a random episode of a TV show that I have recorded.

Personally, I would only use it within a TV show. I would like to be able to select a show, say Seinfeld, and then have the Tablo continually play random episodes until I stop. I wouldn’t care if the episodes are “watched” or not, I just want to let it play for a while.

I could see this also being beneficial across different shows, but that would be require some filtering/playlists, etc. A single show would be enough for me.

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We do have plans for a ‘binge watch’ feature for Roku which sounds like what you’re looking for. Stay tuned.

Using music for an analogy, you talking about “shuffle play” of a specific “genre” or “artist” in your “library”.

Not the same as “binge watch” since I assume that would be in episode order.

Being able to define “playlists” of shows is not a bad idea.

Netflix has something like this. I have a client that uses Netflix in his store to play non-stop X-mas movies in December. He just picks the first movie in the “X-MAS” genre and hits play. Netflix will chain movie to movie all by itself… Which is a little like “binge watch”.

Yes, you’re dead on with the shuffle analogy. I would think of shuffle across a specific show to be like “shuffle artist” and shuffling across all sitcoms would be like “shuffle genre.”

TabloTV didn’t give much explanation for what “Binge Watch” will be, but I’m hoping it includes these features. Playing in order is not really optimized for my viewing habits. We’ll have to see what is coming.

Also, just wanted to add that I use the Roku interface.

Do you have more information on “Binge Watch” or where it stands on the roadmap? This is still my family’s number one wanted feature (besides TabloConnect pairing drops…)