Ran into the tuner limit on my 4 tuner Tablo

I watch way too much TV. Have 5 shows set to record, and “only” 4 tuners. Will probably drop Riverdale and catch it on the CW app, or Hulu. Example of a first world problem.

I feel you.
I upgraded from a dual to a quad when I ran into the same problem.
I originally thought I’d never run out of tuners, because I could only tune in 7 channels anyway.
I was surprised at how much good content I’m able to receive with only 7 channels.

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I usually end up recording more than I can possibly watch, and end up watching my favorites right away, and waiting until my main shows go on hiatus to watch the others, and supplemented by a few streaming services, I’m never at a loss for something to watch.When ATSC 3 comes out, maybe Tablo will have a 6 tuner option… or maybe I’s get a Tablo Dual if I have this happen a lot. That or I cut back on TV watching.

The US gov’t defines “middle class” as a single household earning as much as $250K/yr (that sounds ludicrous to me). In other words, they’re probably wondering why we don’t have $200/mo. cable TV packages :slight_smile: Or I suppose why you don’t own 12 x 4 tuner Tablos.

I felt a little giddy imagining it. :slight_smile:

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That was fast! I’ll reserve space in my 19" rack :wink:

It was fast because we announced this last year at CES:

It’s really intended for service providers, but some of you guys are tuner hungry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just remember that Aereo was destroyed because their remote OTA DVR didn’t stream the original format (it was transcoded just like Tablo). The SCOTUS determined that to be the same as a re-broadcast and they forced the company to close (wouldn’t even allow them to obtain rebroadcast rights).

@cjcox Service providers have licences for this content. Aereo didn’t.

Ok, so not for ISPs per se, but those that already do rebroadcasting (e.g. cable TV company). Evil SCOTUS who got tricked by tech.

Cost of this???

Don’t toy with me, I’m very vulnerable now.

I know that shows like “The Daily Show” have enough recording capacity to record all channels broadcasting news 24/7. They then post-process those to grab contextual information from close captioning - then they use it to mock politicians. :slight_smile: Now I know Tablo doesn’t do cable channels such as CNN, etc. but I bet those recorders look somewhat analogous to the Tablo pictured above.