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We send people to TVFool to evaluate their OTA prospects. Unfortunately TVFool has not been updating their database for some time and is not up-to-date. Another site is now available that has been designed by Trip an FCC employee (who participates at AVS Forum and has been using OTA for a long time):



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Is that valid for Canada too?

Good question. I’m not sure about that. The reason I mention this is that someone at AVS asked the same question about Mexican stations close to the US border. Trip mentioned that the data comes from the FCC database and API and the Mexican stations aren’t in the FCC database. Not sure about Canada.

The TVFool owner seems to have gone AWOL and has not responded to any emails or queries for over a year. There have been no entries into the TVFool database and some regions are missing stations.

How about https://antennaweb.org?

I used antennaweb in the early stages of my antenna placement when HDTV first started. Then I switched over to TVFool two years later which had more data at that point per location such as LOS\one edge\two edge since that helped me evaluate what type of signal I was getting. I haven’t used antennaweb in the past two years.

Some people, when they have used TVFool and gotten their directional bearings, then use Google Maps\Earth to plot the terrain between their house and the broadcast towers. The geographic and topological view is quite revealing as to the real possibilities of their OTA situation!

From Trip:

“I’m working on it today to try to get the Canadian stations in. I’ve been testing with Toronto and it seems to be okay, so I’m about to expand it to the whole country.”

digitalhome.ca (“Here Comes the UHF Channel Repack”) post 626

There’s always valid no frills