Questions froma newbie

Good morning Tablo friends,

Been a Tablo owner for almost 18 months and thrilled to be a member. I have some basic questions that I hope can be answered. They are:

  1. Sometimes I go a few days without accessing my Tablo and I’m forced to reset (unplug) the unit and then it works fine. Is this normal for anyone else?

  2. I have an AT&T modem/router and having some difficulty port forwarding. I’ve set the “limits” for the access, but I haven’t been able to view on my iPhone/iPad. Has anyone run into trouble and notice that the directions are missing a step (for theunsavvy)?

  3. Speaking of iPhones…App works great on my Roku tvs and both iPads. Does not work (within the network) on any of the three phones. Deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times and can’t get past the Syncing prompt. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated. If I should post these on separate topics, please let me know.

Have a good day.

I am roughly 30 days in and I already notice that I have to reboot Tablo from time to time. I have had perfectly good channels just stop working as if it lost the signal but rebooting Tablo bring the channel back. Then there was an issue with recordings getting split. See my post here.

If you search this forum you will find many people complaining that they have to reboot Tablo daily because of “odd issues” while others here don’t even have to reboot.

Guess we’re the lucky ones. I’ll keep searching. Thanks for the response. Maybe they’re listening.

Since our last firmware update, we’ve implemented a number of improvements that should prevent this from happening. If you see this on a regular basis, your logs could help us narrow this down.

Creating manuals here can be tricky, as it depends on not only the router (and there are quite a few), but the version it’s using as well. If you can send the model # / version of your router (or even just a screenshot) to our support team, we can send you some step-by-step instructions.

Interesting; if you use in the browser on these phones, does it work there?

How do I access the log data?

I will try to gather all of the info and use the webpage and report back. Thank you for the quick response.

There isn’t access to log data on your end, but if you send our team your Tablo’s MAC address, we can take a look from here. And no worries :slight_smile: