Questions about Roku Channel

I just got my 4-tuner model today. So far I love it!

I used it to record a show tonight and watched it on my Roku 3. It started playing very quickly and resuming from skipping forwards or back was snappy as well.

Something that seems to be a problem is that if I start watching a recording, pause it and leave the channel, when I go back to finish the Roku does not resume where I left off. It starts over at the beginning. That’s not good for me.

Also, I can’t figure out how to get it to skip ahead 30 seconds. Hitting the right arrow only jumps forward about 10 seconds.

@NapMan, currently if you leave a recording on any interface and go back, it starts over from the beginning.  The ability to start where you left off has been a requested feature.

The left and right arrows on the Roku just go forward and back 10 seconds at a time.  Changing that to 30 sec skip and 20 sec rewind is another oft-requested feature, and that one sounds like it is reasonably close to being done.  You can use the FF button on the remote to go at three different speeds, and that helps advance the show much quicker.

Oh, Ok.  I guess I just am spoiled by other DVRs and other channels on the Roku.  I hope they add the resume feature soon.

Searched around and didn’t see the answer so thought I would ask under this heading.

If I am watching via my Roku a recorded show, am I using a tuner? 
If I am watching via my Roku a live show, am I using a tuner?

I have 4…but wanted to know if using my Roku takes me to 3 for each scenario. (I think live yes, recorded no)


If you are watching a recording, you are not using a tuner.  You could watch up to six recordings at the same time using just the two tuner Tablo.

If you are watching a live show, it is using a tuner.  

Also, if you are watching anything using Tablo Connect and not doing “full quality”, then you are also using a tuner.

@snowcat Thank you!