Question on Guide Content

Can someone clarify how far out the guide should go when I am viewing the Live TV Guide on my IPad?  Mine will only go out approximately 24 hours.  I was thinking the guide data was supposed to be like 2 weeks?  Am I confused?

That is all it goes for Live TV, people have requested more, but that is yet to be seen

But there is 14 days of guide data that is used for scheduling

@wkufan92 - So that the LIVE TV grid loads quickly we limited it to 24 hours. 

You can see all 14 days of guide data within the other views. 

This was a question in my mind, too.  It would be nice to have a view that lets me choose to record the program (whose name I can't remember) that will air on Thursday at 8:00.  This is a feature that a lot of people are used to from other DVR's.  Could there be another grid for longer range selection?  It could take a little longer to populate, just like the categories take a moment to show up now.

@grandy - If you know it’s airing on Thursday at 8 you can always set a manual recording. 

I could, but I don’t think it picks up the name of the show for the list of recordings.  Also, you may not know what time it’s on - just that it’s on a particular night.  Just making a point that having a long range grid is handy.

Fair enough… And you’re not alone. It would take some doing to make happen but we’ll talk about it in the New Year again when we work through the next set of feature priorities.

@grandy - If you know it's airing on Thursday at 8 you can always set a manual recording. 

@TabloTV, for instances like this, is it possible to add an option to pre-populate a manual recording by either clicking on the details of a show or the channel/time slot in the live TV schedule? 

@jbritton3 - Good suggestion… It may be possible! (I’m not a coder so I’d have to ask the folks who know more about this than I…)