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HI everyone,
I just got the tablo 2 tuner set up and am trying to set it up now. I got a free-standing RCA antenna that connects from the back of the antenna to a little box, from there is a power cord and another coax cable that goes to the back of the TV. I have been getting great reception watching “live” TV this way, fliping through channels. From what I can tell I disconnect my antenna cord from the back of the TV and plug it into the tablo. My question is how do I watch shows that are on now then. I will no longer have a connection from the antenna to the TV…

Will i have to buy a new adapter that had a duel connection?
Is the antenna only supporting the tablo?

thanks for your help! -A

You can watch live TV via the Tablo app once you move the antenna. Be aware there is a delay when you change channels as the Tablo has to buffer the channel for a couple seconds. Another option is to buy a splitter. Then you can leave one line on the TV and run another to the Tablo. The downside of this is a splitter will cut your signal strength in half. If it is strong enough you’ll have no problem, but if it is borderline, you’ll have reception issues.

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Here’s a description of how the Tablo works:

While you can use the same antenna to feed the TV signals to both your TV, and the Tablo at the same time, the signal weakens when you split it, so it’s not recommended.

One of Tablo’s major advantages is that you can place the antenna where you get the best reception.
The antenna connects to the Tablo, which doesn’t need to be anywhere near your TVs.

A disadvantage is that you now need a separate device, like a Roku, to that is connected to your home network, and connected to your TV.

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