Question for Roku Users

I purchased a Roku for my father & hooked it up for him yesterday.

It seemed to be working flawlessly. After an hour or so, the remote response became almost unusable. I tried taking out the batteries, rebooting the Roku & then reinserting the batteries. The remote repaired with the Roku & worked well for 10-15 minutes & then again became so unresponsive it was maddening.

He has a solid wifi network & his TV & Roku are in the same room as the router. The Roku itself showed the wifi signal as excellent. But for some reason the remote & Roku are having problems communicating over the network (it is a point-anywhere remote).

Does anyone have any solutions/experience with Roku remote issues?


I recall reading that switching ROKU WiFi bands solved this problem (2.4ghz <> 5ghz)

It’s worth a try.

Merry Christmas


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Thanks, will try that.

Also did you put new batteries in the the Roku remote?

If the router and Roku are in the same room, try separating the two devices as the Roku remote is WiFi Direct (it’s not Bluetooth). So there may be interference.

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I had major issues dealing with Roku wifi direct remotes.
The Roku is supposed to use an unused wifi channel to communicate with the remote, however, mine kept choosing the same channel the main wireless network was using, which caused conflicts.

My solution was to use an IR (infrared) only remote.
Never had a remote communication problem again.

I did have an issue with my 2016 Roku stick remote when I first bought it. It would work for a while, stop, and if I took the batteries out and replaced them, it would work again. I ended up just pairing it with an older Roku 3 remote, and the issue went away.

We have heard of this issue with some Roku remotes which is why it’s great to get one that has an IR option:

I’ve been using 2 Roku 4200Xs (Model RC03) for over 4 yrs and they are still working just fine. :grinning:

Thanks for all the responses.

I purchased the Roku streaming stick & had it directly plugged into his TV. Roku suggested the HDMI adapter saying the stick plugged directly into the TV HDMI port sometimes causes interference. I had my doubts but it seems to have solved the issue.

Thanks for tips here :3