Question about FAST channels

Just wondering if by chance the SYFY channel is one of them.
That is the one channel I miss since cutting the cord from DISH.

SyFy isnt on it.

Thanks, didn’t think so. :scream:

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may Want to sub to peacock streaming.

Nope, not after that stunt they pulled locking up one of the NFL playoff games to get you to buy a subscription to see it.

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“They” in this case, being the NFL (just saying). NFL controls the “deals”, not Peacock/other.

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Of course they control the deal, but I’m pretty sure NFL doesn’t say “Hey you, you’re going to show our games and pay us lots of money”.

Just like the “Sunday Ticket”, companies bid to get it because of the enormous revenue it brings in for them.

The NFL maintains some of the strictest controls of any manufacturer. If a decision was made on the product, to only stream it, the NFL had to ok it.

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I understand, but NFL didn’t tell Peacock to show the game. Peacock had to request it, and agree to abide by all the stipulations of the NFL contract.

Not sure what you’re trying to say. It sounds like you were saying it was Peacock’s idea to have the game only streaming and I’m telling you that you can’t do anything without the NFL telling you very very specifically what you can or cannot do. So much so, that the idea of a stream only game could have strictly been the NFL’s idea to begin with. Stealing gold from Fort Knox is easier then using NFL product in ways they didn’t have final say so on.

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Just saying I wouldn’t subscribe to Peacock because the blocked viewing the game, whether they instigated it or not.
Although I am skeptical that NFL instigated it.

Nothing was “blocked”. Via subscription, you should have been able to view the game. Exactly in the manner dictated by the NFL.

That was my point, I was unable to watch without getting a subscription.
Sons couldn’t watch either, and my oldest is bigtime into Fantasy Football.
He has the NFL subscription.

To the NFL, not “blocked”, you just chose not to (trial) subscribe.

To me, when the NFL turned the NFL into a $500+ USD adventure for “cheap seats” for a family… that was sort of a truer “block”.

You don’t have to go back too many decades to find when professional (and now even semi-pro) sports was affordable. But now, it’s entertainment for the filthy rich only. Which means, I’m “blocked” except for what I can get OTA or, in the case you mentioned, via a trial subscription.

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I thought that was the reason we all had 30 different email addresses…

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And this is why I’m thankful I’m just an NFL fan who lives in KC, and therefore was able to view the game in question via OTA, and an MLS fan.

MLS Season Pass is a great example of sports streaming done right. Granted, it’s because the viewership is much lower than NFL, NBA and MLB. $99/year ($79/year for me since I already Apple TV+ since they are the place to be for SciFi right now, Fallout on Amazon notwithstanding) and I have access to ALL matches, no local blackouts.