Question about antenna choice and location

Hi guys,

I am looking for some advice regarding my particular situation. I have been using Tablo for a bit and never had problems per se, other than some pixelation on certain channels.

I am located in zip code 30518 on a 2 story townhouse. Using a Moho leaf, located on the second floor window (whee the Tablo also is), I get most of the channels but occasionally have problem getting good reception on Fox 5 (5-1), PeachtreeTV (17-1) and CW (69-2). There are also others that vary in quality (Bounce TV and others), depending on the time of day and weather.

With the cable company raising prices for Internet and pushing for their subscription service, I am more determined to get an outside antenna installed and get these channels clearly. And here is where you come in.

I found someone that can come and do the antenna install. They install satellite antennas so I asked him what equipment would he suggest to install at my location. He said he works with the Channelmaster 2016. I told him about mounting the antenna to the rooftop and he mentioned he can do it on the attic.

So my question are:

1- How good is this ChannelMaster CM2016 antenna compared to say, a ClearStream 4v (which was what I did some research on)

2- Also, any major differences between attic vs roof install at it relates to reception? It was hard to find someone to antenna installer that would travel outside metro Atlanta (Buford/Sugar Hill), and the ones that will want to charge and arm and a leg selling their integrated solutions. This guys is charging ~300 to do the install , providing equipment and an amplifier. He said he is familiar with Tablo.

I appreciate any insights. I don’t really want to be ripped off due to lack of knowledge.



$300 for the antenna and install? Or just the install? And you pay for the antenna separately?

I have the 4v and I am happy with it.

The next key question is what is the make and model of the preamp?

I see you live in Buford. I live in Cumming. You are 5 miles closer to the broadcast towers than I am. I have attic antennas and they work fine from Forsyth County. An attic antenna will do well from your location.

$300 for an attic install? Couldn’t you do it yourself for free? Many North Georgians have installed the Clearstream 4 successfully 30 miles out. It is easier to install than the CM 2016 and actually the C4 is a better attic antenna due to its form factor than the CM in leafy areas.

You’ll need a preamp and either the RCA TVPRAMP1Z or Winegard LNA-200 Boost will do. Lowes carries the first one, Home Depot the second one. Fry’s in Milton has the C4 antenna.

Luv those Buford Wolves football teams - I go see them several times a year. Little Tokyo up that way has the best sushi in GA.

$300 for the antenna and the install work, @theuser86

My Tablo is the 4 tuner version and I’m very happy with it as well.

Thats the one thing I did not get. I will ask and share with you guys

Hey @MarkKindle, nice to find someone close. This is good information to know.

The Home Depot and Lowes are both down the road and I can get the antenna.

I have not ventured into the attic, truth be told. Somehow, I am always reminded of this video at the 36 second mark:

Guy falling through roof

Maybe I’ll give it a shot.


If you do it yourself, I can help guide you since I’ve done it many times for myself, friends and neighbors over the past ten years. That video reminds me of Chevy Chase falling through the bedroom ceiling from the attic in Christmas Vacation.

I appreciate your offer for help @MarkKindle. I will reach out to you once I have the materials. Gonna get my shopping list ready!

We’re lucky in Atlanta in that all the major stations (and many minor ones) are broadcasting from the same direction.

Looks like a good antenna. Mounting it in the attic is better then an internal antenna in a room, but not as good as mounting it out doors, plain and simple. Knowing how good it will be is just impossible to truly know until you do it. Do note that my experience with the tablo is it crashes on channels that are weak. How about connecting and checking out the channels with the antenna in the attic but not mounted yet.

I will report back once I begin the install next weekend, @JeffD . I have most of what I need already.

RCA ANT751. Solid reception on all available channels in my area. Compact Yagi design is easy to manage. I’m 35 miles from transmitters. No amplifier needed. Highly rated on Amazon and other sites among a very large list of users. Rated for 60 miles but as we know manufacturers ratings are a joke. If you’re with 40 miles with normal terrain this should do very well. Good luck.

I also live nearby in Sugar Hill and just installed the RCA ANT751 in my attic. I have solid reception for 40 channels. Preamp wasn’t necessary.