Quest TV affiliate channel weird playback

What’s up everyone! I got an interesting conundrum. In my TV market of Indianapolis IN, I am able to receive Channel 30 including all the sub-channels (7 total). 30.1 which is Quest TV plays at an odd rate (video and audio play at 2x speed), but all the other sub-channels play at normal speed.

This is all from Tablo handling everything, I have not tried to hook directly to television (I didn’t see a reason to do so). Would tablo support be able to look at my logs and give me insight as to what is going on? Should I try and contact the station itself and let them know Quest TV is playing at 2x speed?

Directional antenna RCA model combined uhf/vhf roof installed. No preamp, with LTE filter on single RG6 cable right before tablo Quad.
Channel 30 is a something I should be able to receive and it’s not subject to the repack. Reception is good, just the playing speed on the one sub-channel is affected.

Any thoughts? I know it’ll be awhile before I can reach support.

I would open up a ticket and let support look at it.

If you look at the technical data for that station on rabbitears you might see something strange. The video mbps shows up as zero for 30.1. While info for rabbitears isn’t perfect it’s usually close.

Thanks Zippy! I will have the tablo team look at things.

Will @TabloSupport be able to look at this today? Last week (10/24/19) I opened a support ticket and put my tablo into remote access mode on Friday (10/25/19) before I left for work (5:30am) and wrote back in my support email I had done so. I received no response from tablo support team.

Today, I put my unit into remote access mode again. I hope I can get someone to look into the logs to let me know what is happening.

@KirkH -

You don’t mention whether you are experiencing 2x speed on live or recorded shows on your 30.1 . If it’s live TV, that would be crazy, of course. You could be watching the 11pm news at 9pm if you started watching channel 30.1 at 7pm.

If it’s recorded material, does it really take only 15 minutes to watch a 30 minute show? Or does it still take 30 minutes to watch the 30 minute show…

Does it just sound like the audio is going fast? Sort of like chipmunks? If that is the case, then there is something up with the audio for that station (unless, of course, you are actually watching Alvin and the Chipmunks).

It’s the only analogy i could come up with at the time of writing. The video is choppy, like shows every other second of the video while the audio sounds fast kinda like chipmunks. This is both watching live TV and a recording on that particular channel/sub-channel. The 5-6 other subchannels of 30 play back normally. The length of time is not affected.

Much better description, thanks.

Because it’s happening with both live and recorded content, and no other stations are impacted, the most likely cause is a reception issue.

An obvious test would be to hook your antenna to your TV to see if it happens there.

In the meantime - what are the call letters of the station?

If it’s WSDI, rabbitears is reporting no issues for that station today.

Just got an email back from support stating the signal coming to the tablo is clean.

It might be something I have to hunt down the Station contact information and report it to them. The call letters are WSDI-LD. I think I saw the owner’s information earlier while digging through the FCC site.

In a sense live TV is recorded, in that it’s transcoded, saved to disk, then streamed out just the same as any thing else tablo plays… from what I understand.

[Unless you have Cloud DVR, but I believe it has some internal storage to accomplish the same difference ]

The other thing I saw when looking at rabbitears is that they are a low power station. You must live close to their tower.

It’s curious to me that their sub channels seem to be working okay for you. They’re all using the same frequency, so it’s not that.

Did you try the antenna test?

I just hooked up my antenna to my Vizio E370VA. It’s an older tv with manufacturing date of December 2010 and I believe the tuners for early Vizio’s weren’t the best. The Vizio was able to pick up the channel through the channel scan, but the station (video/audio) would not show up to the screen, just the psip data and the signal meter of the Vizio shows a poor signal.

This would be a great example of a more detailed scan apart from the green dots from the tablo. I gotta wonder if my passive directional yagi uhf/vhf needs a preamp to boost or do I need to reduce the signal.

I live within 15 miles of the station, which is in the outer edge of the “green” zone from a reception map from one of those station location websites… can’t remember which one.

If it’s a poor signal, then yes, a preamp would likely help.

However, for some of the full power stations close to you as well, it could actually hurt. The only way for you to find out is to try it.

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