QUEST NETWORK affletates

Does ANYONE have data in the guide on Tablo for QUEST? The station starts broadcasting on Monday. Http:// has guide data, and as usual, Tablos guide provider is still missing at least for 24.4 in Austin, TX.

No Tablo program schedule data for 8.4 Quest in Dallas as of 27 January

If you check on does it show? And if you change the date to Jan 29 5 am central does it show programs?

Yes, TitanTV shows programming for Dallas 8.4 from 29 Jan 5am onward.

The info loop is 5 PM, but Titantv says 5 AM. Sadly, Tablo shows blank space and no shows. I’ve been talking to support but THEIR GUIDE PROVIDER is slow. I would expect to be able to schedule shows on Jan 29 or later with the 14 days of guide data.