Quad tuner amplification

Hi. Large house with seven people (two couples, three of us single). Antenna signal is amplified and split to 8 different runs, one of which is intended for a DVR.

We have a football fan who works on Sundays, so I think we need a 4 tuner model so other people can record something on Sundays while he is recording two games at same time.

Does the four tuner model use a passive splitter?

Guess what I’m asking is if I need to add something like a CM-7776 amp to the coaxial feed intended for the TabloTV (it’s a 10 dB amp) to make sure the signal is strong enough on that feed for four tuners.

Every setup is different. I have 3 TVs and 2 DVRs, a Quad and Dual with an amplifier 2-way splitter for each end of the house.

I’m not close to the towers, live in a rural area around trees and have no real issues with reception.

One RG6 cable run is +50’ down the back of the house, I though maybe I’d add an amp in there. It only caused problems.

You can find posts about over amping you signal. But again, everyone’s setup is unique.

But aside from the setup, does the TabloTV have any amplification for its splitter or is it purely passive?

Yes it does. There is a small amount of amplification to help make up for the signal loss from the split between multiple tuners.