Quad Subscription Question

I’m thinking of getting a Tablo to replace my Windows Media Center. The website says “Subscription Free” However some of the review videos I’ve watched all say a subscription is needed, those vids are several years old though. So is it only the new devices that are subscription free or all? The device on the website advertised as subscription free is only a dual tuner, I was thinking of picking up a used Quad but if I have to get a subscription for the Quad I may hold off on that and find a way to make the Dual one work.


The new white Tablo’s, often called Gen 4 here on the community, are subscription free. Only the 2-tuner is currently available, but a 4-tuner is supposedly coming. That said, it is also rather buggy still, and not all devices are supported.

The older Tablo’s do require a subscription for 2-week guide, advanced DVR (series scheduling and similar), and out-of-home viewing of videos. Without the subscription, you only get 1 day guide, basic DVR (I think just pick program from a guide, or VCR-style with date/time/channel, or daily/time/channel.)