Quad internal or external hard drive?


I got my quad ordered and bought a 5 tb Seagate slim backup plus external hard drive for it. Does the internal sata hard drive perform any better than the external hard drive? I thougt the tablo might run cooler with an external hard drive and the external 5 tb hard drive was far less cost than a 1 tb sata internal drive. I paid about $105.00 for my 5 tb hard drive on sale at cosco.


A good internal hard drive should be cheaper than an external hard drive. You don’t need an SSD or anything fancy.


I already bought a 5 tb external hard drive at a very low price in anticipation of buying a quad tablo. My question is, Is there any performance advantage of having the internal sata hard drive. instead of using an external hard drive. I needed 2 tablos because of the amount of channels I can receive.


You would think so, but not necessarily. I just got an 8TB external at Best Buy. $170. The bare drive was more. I shucked it as soon as I got home.


There shouldn’t be any significant performance advantages given you just recording at max 10 Mbps, the USB 2.0 interface is 480 Mbps (theoretical speed). Point is even with USB 2.0 you can record 4 streams to your external HDD.

If you got a 2.5” external you could shuck it too.


I am happy to know That the 5TB Seagate external hard drive will give me the performance that the new quad will need. Originally I was going to get an internal hard drive but run across the 5 TB hard drive on sale for $99.99 and bought on impulse at that price. I know I posted that I paid a little more than this but was looking at the receipt this morning and 99.99 is the correct price. I already have the quad paid for and will receive with the next batch. I was a lucky tablo owner as I got my first tablo account on March 6 and should get a lifetime subscription on the second tablo.