Quad Install - Subscription Transfer

Received the Quad a few days ago and did the setup last night, no issues so far. Guide updated in about 15 mins. Only hitch I ran into was that I was unable to transfer my lifetime subscription (coming from an original 2-tuner). The website would only let me “replace” my 2-tuner with another 2-tuner. Submitted a ticket.

I did the same thing and ended up buying another lifetime subscription. I didn’t realize I could transfer?

This is what the CEO said in his message about grandfathered subscription changes.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to honor the original promise we made to our customers with an active subscription created prior to March 7, 2019.

Like before, these customers can continue to add multiple new DVR units to their active subscriptions at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, we can’t enable this in the self-serve account management portal, but any customers wishing to add a net new Tablo DVR to their grandfathered active subscription can contact support with their newest Tablo’s serial number so we can add it for them.

All Tablo customers can continue to swap the Tablo DVR to which their Tablo subscription account is connected via the account management portal at account.tablotv.com .

Excellent! Thank you for posting that. I will contact support :wink:

Interesting it even wouldn’t let you replace a 2 tuner Tablo with a 4 tuner Tablo. So the sub is tied to the number of tuners now?

Either way if you’re grandfathered in, you shouldn’t have to replace the 2 tuner, just get support to add your Quad as a second device.

An original 4-tuner s/n may have worked if the s/n prefix was the same. On the “replace” dialog screen the first part of the s/n (letters) were already filled in and could not be changed - all that could be entered was the numeric portion.

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It shouldn’t be. I’ve passed this along to @TabloSupport for investigation.

Right now, you’ll only be able to swap Tablos of the same type in the account portal. We’re hoping to add functionality to swap all types of Tablos on the user end soon. For the time being, if you need any help with this, give us a shout.

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@TabloSupport, if the added functionality you mentioned will take a while you may wish to add some kind of notice on the swap Tablo account portal page. Not everyone frequents this forum, so some may be buying additional subscriptions unnecessarily.

Support got my Quad swapped today, thanks!

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