Quad HDMI Used With A Computer Monitor

Not in market yet but am looking into options to replace TV if it fails in future. Exploring options and all I see are smart TV’s. Kinda confusing as some mention not connecting to Internet, others stating they won’t work as dumb TV if not set up on Internet. Thought of possibly using a Computer Monitor. Presently use TV as Computer Monitor and switch between the two uses using function in TV. Realize would need a HDMI switch to replace that function. Any thoughts? Hopefully will be long in future. Note don’t do any streaming.

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You may need an internet connection to set up a smart TV depending on the manufacturer but after that you don’t need an active internet connection to use basic “dumb TV features”. For most uses I would not use a computer monitor as a TV primarily because TV’s are usually cheaper. If you find a deal then go for it though!

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I have my TV connected to my PC and antenna switching via input. Oddly I have a second TV for when I’m using my 60" TV strictly as a computer monitor browsing and such and watch the news or something.

As for “regular” TV, be look to upgrade my second one - https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-40-class-n10-series-led-full-hd-tv/6398122.p?skuId=6398122 not a recommendation… it’s a non-networks ie)not a smart TV – they are still available. I’ve not seen any TV requiring a network connection to receive OTA channels.

One note - generally computer monitors don’t have speakers… via HDMI. Some have an output which would still require external speakers.

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Very good point, didn’t think of that as present use case is TV being used as monitor and sounds come through computer speakers.
Will look at link and still researching in advance of actual need.
Have two Android phones with no data also no Google account. Prepaid with total monthly cost averages $8-10 (total for both $3 each plus extra usage).

Right off found this interesting

Good point. For me the speakers in new TV’s are so bad I consider external speakers a necessity anyway.

Last time I bought a TV I ended going with a refurbished model because it was the only one that had the various ports I wanted. A refurbished model or “new old stock” is another option if @mendy wants to keep the TV dumb.

I considered that article click bait. They just tell you to create a fake account. I saw you said you don’t have a Google account in your phone’s. Did you install Lineage or a similar OS? I’ve got a phone running that. I’m also curious about who your cell carrier is. Sounds like one of Tings old plans. I don’t know if they offer those to new customers.

Just plain ole T-Mobile, was looking for camera and ran across them and at time I could update existing phone (no trade) to phone with better camera for $39 plus purchase of prepaid card. Week later they were offering same deal for free, now have two. :smiley: At time installed sim, battery, charged and turned on. Dismissed Google screen then later went into settings and deleted or disabled everything possible tied to Google. Did find if I wanted to check for update of phone had to temporarily enable Google Play Services, then update shows. After update just turn off as some apps I use are sideloaded. Don’t know what current offerings are.
Disclaimer believe you were talking about rooting, did not. But cannot say what services would work without Google Acoount. Just using as Phone, texting and camera.

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Any cell service will work without Google although something like Google FI probably would not work completely because of it’s complex network hopping features.

Rooting and installing a different OS are not the same thing but in most cases you need to root the phone to install an alternative OS. Devices such as the Pixel support installing alternative OS without rooting. There are tons of reasons to root a phone other then alternative OS’s.

When you “de-Google” a phone (install an OS without Google) typically you will install something that emulates Google play services. Micro G is a popular alternative to Google Play services. There are also alternatives to the Google Play Store like F-droid.


EDIT:. Buying a phone from the official TracFone store on eBay is often my go to for a cheap phone with prepaid service. Here is an example of what I get:

Tracfone Motorola moto g Play Prepaid Smarthphone
1 Year of Service with 1500 MIN/1500 Text/1500MB
Case (Colors May Vary)
Car Charger
*Phone + Airtime Bundles do not include a Physical Card. Please note that Phone + Airtime bundles, Airtime is installed on the phone upon activation.

Note: The minutes, SMS, and data are for the whole year. They don’t replenish every month. You can add more later but for a phone that is almost always used in WiFi it can be enough. You can swap the SIM into another device also.