QUAD HDMI spurious end of recording message

I have a QUAD HDMI unit that was recently updated from firmware 2.2.40 to 2.2.42. Since this update I have a very annoying problem at the same time each day.

I have a program set to record between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm and I am watching that program while it records. At 6:00 pm I start to watch the next program on the same TV channel but it is not being recorded. At about 6:01 pm my program watching is interrupted by a message about the recording that has just ended.

I have images showing the scheduled recording, a frame of the 6:00 pm start program before it was interrrupted, and the message that caused the interruption. This did not happen with firmware 2.2.40.

I am only allowed to post one image so only the end of recording message is included.

Please fix this quickly or give me the option to revert to 2.2.40.

Are you watching the program by clicking on the program itself in the live TV guide? If so, playback ends when that program ends. In that case, try clicking on the channel name instead of the program name and see if you still get the same message at the end of the recording.

I have always selected a program that I want to watch by clicking on the specific program in the program guide. I can then watch all the subsequent programs and live viewing is not terminated when the clicked program ends.

In this particular case I was watching the next program, and had been watching it for over a minute, when it was interrupted by the previously posted message.

Odd, the way it’s always worked for me is like noted in this knowledge base article (i.e. clicking on the program stops live playback after the program ends)…

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As stated in my first post this is a Quad HDMI Tablo and no smart phone app is involved.

Understood, I saw it was an HDMI unit but figured the functionality would be the same with the “built-in” UI on the HDMI units, maybe it’s not.

On my HDMI unit clicking the program always allowed watching that program and all subsequent programs. It still does after the update to firmware 2.2.42.

What appears to have changed with 2.2.42 is that watching the next program is interrupted if the clicked program was also being recorded.

I may have to learn to click the channel not the program but I’d much prefer it to have uninterrupted viewing if I click the program.

Think of it this way. If you want to watch a particular program, you click on the program. If you want to watch a particular channel, no matter what program is on, you click on the channel.

The network connected Tablos have operated this way for many years. It’s possible that the HDMI connected Tablos were not originally programed that way, but Tablo tries to keep their products as similar as possible.

I clicked on a program that was active (current time was within the program time span) and selected record this program. I then clicked the channel for the program that was being recorded and watched the program that was being recorded.

When the program ended the screen reverted to the program guide but there was no message about the end of the recorded program. When I select the current program for viewing I found that the buffer started at the time I had selected the program and the beginning of the program had been lost despite the fact that the channel was still flashing red. (flashing red normally indicates that a tuner has been allocated to that channel and the program is being buffered)

2.2.42 does not allow me to continuously watch a program I am recording and the program that follows it.

Should I expect Tablo support to respond here or do I need to make direct contact with them?

@TabloSupport may read the forum posts from time to time, but if you want to get their attention, you need to mention them as I did.

If you want a direct answer, I would either call or email them.

I contacted Tablo support and received instructions to put my Tablo in troubleshooting mode. I did that and reproduced both cases of the reported problem. Still waiting for support to answer if they captured the events.