Quad HDMI Coax connector spins, loss of reception

@TabloSupport I just submitted a ticket, After 15 months of trouble free use of my Tablo Quad HDMI, yesterday while watching CBS I lost signal, but other channels remained okay. After troubleshooting I found the coax connector on the Tablo was spinning freely when I attempted to disconnect my RG6 cable. When I connected the wire directly to the TV CBS reception was fine. There appears to be a manufacture defect for this problem as I have read many other users on this forum have experienced the same issue. Hopefully @TabloTV will step up to the plate and do the right thing on a unit slightly out of warranty. I do pay the full subscription guide rate, and I am nervous that if my unit is replaced I will have to pay the new higher rate as well as lose the commercial skip feature, Please advise.

The only way it can break loose is if there was too much pressure on it. You should never need more than finger tight. Use connectors with the long barrels you can grip. Avoid those short stubby ones.

I have made it 57 years without ever over tightening a coax to the point it breaks, then Sunday my wife lifted the Tablo to dust and it breaks. I call BS. Weak design.

Wonder if it’s a difference in design as I lift my Tablo Quad OG (non-HDMI) frequently to dust and have never had an issue?

Did you have any luck? I’m reaching out to them for the same thing. Definitely a cheap design

No, they said it was not covered under warranty. I ended up buying a new Tablo. It is a very weak component of the device.

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