Quad HDMI Backs Out to Main Menu When Recording Stops


Have a Quad HDMI that has been suffering from an issue since new. I don’t know what’s going on with Tablo customer support but it seems to have gone significantly downhill lately. Being asked the same questions over and over when a new support agent replies…we’ll look into it…radio silence…followup by me…uh…could you send us more info…I already answered that question 5 times below in this email string…frustrating.

It’s one of several issues that seems to be inherent to the brand but is the most frustrating.

After multiple (dozens) of emails with support and a couple of questions that have narrowed down as to when the issue is happening, here is where I’m at.

If I have a program set to record everyday on a particular channel and happen to be watching said channel during that recording time, when the Tablo stops recording it will boot me out to the main menu. Probably happens 75% of the time. Quite annoying.

The current customer service rep has told me this is “normal”. I say what? I’m watching a live TV show and it’s normal to just get booted out to the main menu when a program ends? Provide me some documentation that says this is a feature. Below is a recording of what’s happening. Hopefully the link works since this is the first time I’ve tried using Dropbox.


I found one prior post that looks like it was addressing the same issue. Titled “Tablo automatically switches back to menu”. It had the usual 2 replies from Tablo support and then radio silence.

Do any of you have this same issue?

Are you watching the program by clicking on the program itself in the live TV guide? If so, playback ends when that program ends. In that case, try clicking on the channel name instead of the program name and see if you still get the same message at the end of the recording.

I’m just watching regular live TV. Example is I have the TV on channel 5. I have the national news set to record on that channel everyday from 6-6:30, so if I happen to be watching channel 5 at that time, then the above behavior occurs. It punts me back out to main menu when the recording stops, right at 6:31. I’m doing nothing with the remote at all.

Read again @Nilex’s post. What you’re describing is a common question/complaint and it all depends if you are clicking the channel or the program.

Not sure what you’re asking. I can turn the TV on and it can be on channel 5 from the day before. I can leave the TV on that channel all day without touching a thing. When the Tablo stops recording at 6:31, the Tablo kicks out to the main menu. I’m not doing anything but watching. The video I posted a link to shows that.

It will do this probably 8 times out of 10 times.

If I am actively watching a channel that has a scheduled recording, the Tablo boots me out to the main menu if I happen to be watching said channel in real time and a scheduled recording ends.

I can’t find the thread I’m thinking of but, I believe that I’ve read somewhere here that network connected Tablos will continue playing the channel when a recording stops if the channel number is selected for viewing rather than a particular program. On the other hand, the HDMI connected Tablos will stop playing regardless of whether the station number or a particular program is selected.

Makes sense to me now.
I have a network DVR and have to access the Tablo with an app, so I always go back to the home screen of the device (Roku) before ending my TV viewing session. Not sure if I have to do that – more out of habit with 1 screen at a time apps like Netflix.
What you’re experiencing is different than the normal complaint everyone else is discussing.
Even if you take the Tablo back to the main menu when you end your TV session it seems like you’d have the same issue while watching a program live and recording it.
Sorry I don’t have any suggestions or work arounds for you.

That is the issue. If I’m watching the channel live, and recording the same channel, it automatically backs out to the main menu when the recording stops…with no input from me.

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