Quad buffering & Samsung 860 QVO?

My new Quad has buffering issues. I’ve tried disabling Fast Start, dropping quality, etc., but still it buffers (live TV & recorded). I’m sort of down to the Samsung 860 QVO SSD (4TB) that I stuck in it. Yes, its an expensive drive but the fam needs their space and I really wanted an internal drive this time around. Anyone else using this drive by any chance without seeing the buffering issue? Thx.

Try viewing Live TV with the drive removed - does the buffering go away? If so, then it could be the drive.
BTW - You’re trying (SSD in a Quad) what I think many of us would like to try… :smiley:

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How is the Tablo and your client devices connected to your LAN? Wifi? Ethernet?

Ethernet. I’ll try some other things later today and report back…

Considering and external drive via tablo’s USB is limited to 2.0’s speeds/throughput it’s unlikely an internal data bus would be a bottleneck. Wheather it’s SATAII or SATAIII it’s has 3Gbs - 6Gbs transfer rate. Still, process of elimination is trouble shooting at it’s finest.

That is both your tablo and viewing client’s? …just for clarification.

Everything is a wired connection. Swapped the old Tablo 4-tuner back in with the external Seagate USB drive and everything is working great (no buffering with 1080x30 settings, fast start on & commercial skip on). Swapped the Quad back in and it is also working ok for now, so perhaps it has something to do with how long the Quad has been running? I do have a fan under it now as it was running pretty hot (127F) prior to the fan. Now its just warm. I will see if it starts buffering later tonight and tomorrow after it has been running a while…

You may want to check for a Samsung HD firmware update. If there is an update keep in mind that applying an update could result in data loss.

Not to say there’s not or it wouldn’t help… If you’re suggestion in reference to the “sleep” or spin down issue some drives have - an SSD has no moving parts. just an FYI, not criticism.

just guessing for the amount of $ for a 4TB, it better have been updated when you got it, or figured how to update it’s self!

Yeah, I’ve thought about that. Its a new drive (hasn’t been out long), but I’m sure there will be a firmware update and the only way I’ll be able to accomplish that is to take it out of the Tablo, clone it (to save the recordings), then clone a drive in a working notebook to the 4TB SSD, then put it in the notebook and do the firmware update, then, eventually, restore the Tablo clone back to the 4TB SSD and reinstall in the Tablo. I’d try it but I can’t tell right now if there is a firmware update for the drive. I think Samsung is only doing them through their Magician software for the new drives.

In any case, it is still working without buffering so we’ll see after 24 hours if it holds or if the problem starts up again.

Well, I’m still getting this buffering and I can’t seem to replicate exactly what’s causing it. Right now I think it may be related to how long its been between power cycles. I’ll set up the Quad to reboot in the middle of the night with the rest of the wiring closet with my UIS device and see if a 24 hour window between power cycles will take care of things. Very tough little bug here to figure out. One thing I know for sure is the recordings are fine, its just the playback / live TV that is experiencing the buffering problem.

First post stated Quad? It’s can’t be a year old yet…

Contact Tablo Tech Support either call, email or web form. If you got it from an authorized retailer you get 12mth (shipment date) 100% repair or replace.

Reboot doesn’t actually fix anything if it just comes back :neutral_face:

Yeah, just got it maybe 3-4 weeks ago. Just power cycled and its still buffering (e.g. black screen spinning circle for a second) then right back to where it stopped streaming the video. My original 4 tuner works fine so I’m sure its something specific to the Quad - either the unit itself or (somehow) the SSD. Going to submit a ticket now. Will report back here so you guys know if there’s anything related to this SSD.

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Try another USB drive temporarily. Could help determine if the problem is the QVO SSD or the Quad itself.

Using a 2tb WD SSD with no issues (internal mount).

I did try a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT I had laying around. I didn’t see the problem, but then discovered it could take a day or two to show up. So, not very efficient to troubleshoot - am hoping Tablo can figure something out from their end but if not I’ll have to do what you suggest and swap drives for several days to confirm.

I get that you want to figure this out. If they can’t you should at least have 30day return and again,


All Nuvyyo Inc. products are provided with a 100% repair or replacement warranty for 12 months from the date of shipment from authorized retailers

If not… why wouldn’t you get an RMA instead swapping drive for several more days? just wondering

Well, I’m not sure its not the SSD causing some sort of issue so I’d rather not go to the trouble of sending it back just to find out I have the same issue when I get the replacement. I actually do hope its the Quad or that they can do a firmware fix if its the drive as I want to keep this drive! :slight_smile: