Qs re: favorites & app timeout?

Hi all, we just got our Tablo a couple of days ago. Switched away from an Amazon Recast that has been getting buggier and less reliable over the past year or so. Have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to have the channel guide default to Favorites? When we exit the app and come back it defaults to All Channels. Haven’t seen anything in the settings.

  2. Does the Tablo app have a time out limit? We’ve had some streaming apps that will just log you out after 4, 6, whatever hours. After about four hours of having the same station on in the background today, it kicked us out. I didn’t know if that was an app feature or a Roku bug.

We’ve got a new Gen4 Tablo and the Roku Express 4K. TIA

There isn’t a timeout for OTA viewing AFIAK… My wife sleeps with the TV running at night.

It runs until we wake up.

Your Roku is likely set to shut off after 4 hours of no remote input. There is a setting somewhere to change that. Offhand I can’t remember the name, but I think it used to go by “bandwidth saver”…


That’s it! We just switched from the Firestick to the Roku stuck. Appreciate the help!

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