QNAP NAS use for Tablo DVR recordings

I’m looking for a way to add a Tablo DVR to my existing setup with a QNAP NAS storage unit. Can Tablo be configured to write DVR recordings to NAS storage?

Sorry, but networked storage is not supported.

Details on supported storage types can be found here:

Is anything in the works for using NAS storage? iSCSI etc?

I have gigabit ethernet connection to the network and NAS, which I would expect to be far faster than anything Tablo could use. Much faster than USB 2.0.

Tablo’s maximum number of record and/or playback streams is six. And the maximum recording quality is 10 Mbps.

So I’m not sure that the speed a USB 2.0 connected HDD is an issue. Unless you have a very unusual USB HDD.

There have been requests for this going back several years. Nuvyyo has never indicated this is on the roadmap. It’s really not something of interest to their target market, and the support burden for adding it really makes it a no-go.

From what I see here it appears that a USB 2.0 connected HDD works fine. What I’m saying is that if Tablo would support NAS connection via iSCSI on a gigabit network, that would be faster than USB 2.0 and would handle the Tablo traffic easily.

I would prefer not to buy another HDD when I have 10+ terabytes of fault-tolerant storage sitting right there.

When I take my model T Ford out of the garage and onto the autobahn it ain’t going faster then 45 mph with the wind to my back. It doesn’t matter that the autobahn basically has no speed limit.

But you may not want to buy an extra disk.

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