Q about using a range extender

I have my tablo setup downstairs connected via wifi. I use a verizon 4g router, which gets a much better signal upstairs. My tablo gets spotty connection however via wifi. Can i get a range extender with ports to connect to the tablo and it become ‘wired’? Then, my home network would become the extender?


A Better way to do it…

Both my Tablos are on the Top (3rd Fl) of my house.
Keeping the Tablos close to the Antennas at the highest possible point for best reception, then no extra preamps are necessary.

Tablos are connected to my router in the basement by TP-Link Ethernet Adapters, these get the internet signal to the Tablos through the house wiring.

TP-Link AC Wall Modules
Model TL-PA4010KIET AV500 Powerline Adapter Starter Kit found on Amazon


Thanks, I actually had a set I was not using and tried them out. So far so good!

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Agree with cthompgh. I have our Tablo on the main floor, using a Leaf antenna obscured in a bedroom window. The Tablo is connected by Ethernet cable to a power line adapter, with other adapters at two locations in the basement which provide “hard wire” connectivity to Roku 3 units (the Roku in the bedroom connects via wifi). No buffering issues at all. This set up solved interference problems created by the proximity of the other networks in our condo community.

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