Purchasing > 2 TB hard drive

I know that Tablo currently (3/15) only supports 2 TB hard drive. My hard drive is 320 GB. I want to upgrade my hard drive.

Q. Will the current Tablo firmware format/create a 2 TB partition on a 4 TB drive (ignore the extra 2 TB)? I want to buy a 4 TB drive because I am hoping future versions of Tablo firmware will support larger than 2 TB drives.


@tom95521 - Sorry Tom. The reason why we don’t support larger drives is that they have an incorrect sector size to work with Tablo’s operating system. If you plug in a larger drive it simply won’t be recognized. 

OK. I will probably go ahead and buy a 2 TB external drive since they are less than $100.

Thanks for the quick reply,

No problem Tom! 

Supposedly the that 7k4000 4tb drive uses 512 byte sectors. Wonder if it would work in a usb enclosure.

Tom feel your pain… I got a 3TB drive sitting next to the TABLO just pining away the days waiting for it to give it a ring it can come over and play.