Public API?

Has Nuvyyo given any thought to making their APIs publicly available?  I personally am interested in learning about Roku development, and Tablo would be an awesome video source to cut my teeth on.  Also, it could be fun for the hacker community to roll their own apps in order to achieve their various individual needs.

I figure that most of the IP is in the actual devices, and the revenue stream comes from the guide subs.  So there isn’t much to lose - is there?

@Pundit - The answer is YES :) 

Our first 3rd party app partnership seems to be working quite well so we’re eager to work with other Tablo fans who want to do fun things that other Tablo users might enjoy.

We’re working on polishing up and documenting the API and when we’re ready we’ll be making an announcement on how you can access the API and work with us on cool new things.

Sounds good?  
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We sez...

@TabloTV any update on this?

Still working on the documentation and making it more bulletproof. The API is sort of like our Google 20% time project here… We know it needs to be done, but we need to put most of our focus on delivering product updates so it’s going to take a bit more time. 

Can the basic rudimentary pieces be published at least? Early feedback might be good in polishing the rest of the documentation.

@virtualuk - We want to have something pretty solid before publishing so that we don’t have to change anything major post-publication which may bork people’s hard work. So unfortunately we’d really like to wait till we have something finalized to share.

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Ping @TabloTV - 302 days later, this is still on my radar.

I was sniffing the “new” Roku protocol last night and noticed that it appears to use authentication. Which has put my latest dev plans on hold until you guys can make good on the public API.

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What did it smell like :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, it’s on the road-map! lol

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Stop hating on the road map, it’s been a pretty good journey so far.

You can always take Exit 302 off the highway to:

I love my Tablo, but that doesn’t prevent me from poking fun of this imaginary unpublished unfollowed roadmap. :stuck_out_tongue: