PSA: 2.2.18 has broken the KODI App

In the 2.2.18 firmware Tablo has updated the underlying API to what appears to be authenticated instead of unauthenticated like it has been in the past and many applications are breaking including the official Kodi Plugin (Github). @TabloTV are there any plans to update this official plugin to support 2.2.18+?

Can’t say for Kodi, but one of my Tablo’s is at 2.2.18 the other at 2.2.16 and both are visible to SurLaTablo. Don’t see anything “broken” about it. Perhaps it’s just related to some feature provided by the Kodi app?

In my testing it is visible to Kodi but all playback and guide data is broken. All I get is a 401 status code for unauthorized.

That is odd… Everything seems to be working correctly here.

It would be great to get some logs to see what might be different on your end.

Can you send a note over to support so we can investigate?

I actually figured out what happened. With the latest firmware Tablo will return a 403 when accessed from another subnet. My tablo was DMZed and requests originated from another network.