Proper Amplifier?

Hiya tech folks!

I am about to install a DB8e antenna (with a VHF retrofit kit) in my attic along with a 50’ run of RG6 cable feeding a Tablo-Quad as well as a TV directly.

Just today, I came upon an Antronix MRA2-11 (2-output) Advanced Residential Amplifier, powered by it’s own 12VDC 200mA transformer.

My question: is this amp (even) appropriate for OTA use?

Brief specs:

52-1002MHz Fwd (+11dB)
5-42MHz Return (-4dB)

Here is a link to a much more techy spec sheet, if need be:


Thanks for any help in advance!

If you want a good preamp, which you will install at the antenna mast, get this RCA one:

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