Program skip not commercial skip

Is it me or is it my Tablo? Yesterday it took the day off! When I first found how to schedule a program. I set to record local news. That happens to be ABC on frequency 11. I have an antenna for Vhf only. That news is one hour Monday through Friday. I also get another ABC channel on frequency 18. I have repeat recording for Wheel Of Fortune. Then on frequency 35 evening news for CBS.
The two news are scheduled for six o’clock. Wheel of Fortune at six thirty. Turned on tv opened recorded at about seven fifteen and not one of those were available. All three recorded Wednesday. We watched and deleted. Thinking somehow request to record was changed I skipped over to Friday and all three show to record. I then went to scheduled and all three are there. Under events scheduled for Friday and all next week.
Later remembered Thursday night football. It was recording. Started watching and about four minutes left in second quarter it skipped to third quarter. I backed up to about where the Skip occurred. Continued watching until about three minutes into fourth quarter. I got a error message (don’t remember exactly) unknown error error occurred or something to that affect. Then couldn’t connect to Tablo check internet connection. Rescan, connect. I then clicked on help. Unplugged the router, then unplugged the Tablo. Finally got connected. Have two shows, one for 3 hrs 23 mins. The other for 5 mins. Continued to watch the game and still have remaining 30 mins. I haven’t deleted it in case someone would like to see the recording.