Program note for Fantasy Island fans (12/23/2021)

Fantasy Island had scheduled a double-episode Christmas show for Tuesday, December 21, but that has been postponed because NFL is way more important to Fox and some NFL games got postponed due to Covid. Fantasy Island dropped off the program listings a few days ago.

The latest word I can find is that it’s now scheduled to air on Thursday, December 23. However, as of this morning the program listings aren’t showing it. It still shows the two rerun episodes of Call Me Kat and the Merry Elfin’ Christmas, Bye, Bye 2021 special that’s now been rescheduled for Sunday.

If you’re looking forward to the Fantasy Island episode, you might want to set up a manual recording for this Thursday on Fox (the full two hours of Fox’s prime-time, 8-10 EST). And keep an eye out to see if the program listings catch up.


My program listings have updated and Fantasy Island is on the Fox schedule for 8 to 10 PM Thursday and is scheduled for recording.

It returned to my schedule also, but wasn’t marked as “New” and since I had “Record New” selected it wasn’t marked to record. I manually clicked to record this individual episode, but I’ll keep checking to make sure it does record.

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